Dear Friends of Willa Cather,

I want to let you know that The Slow Read is project happening!

Here’s where we are at:

- Website for simulcast is in its final stages, and a preview should be in place by May 23.

- The project begins on May 30 and goes through August 12. There will be a rotation of 6 pages per day. You can follow along on your laptop or other devices, or hopefully experience this as it was envisioned: in a public space with other readers present

- We have 8 confirmed sites throughout the United States, and are hoping to add more: Cather Foundation, Love Library (UN-L), Constellation Studios (Lincoln), Pacific NW College of Art (Portland), Oregon College of Art and Craft (Portland), Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, The Working Library (Portland), and Jaffrey Public Library (Jaffery, NH). It would be great to see a few more locations, especially where her writing had a strong connection. If you have any leads or ideas, please email me at [log in to unmask]

- I’ll be on the road with a mobile hosting set up from May 30-June 11, driving from Chicago, thru Iowa City, Omaha, Lincoln, Red Cloud, Boulder, possibly Santa Fe, Salt Lake City, Boise and then to Portland. Again, if there is a way to do an outdoor presentation of this for one night along this route, I will happily make it happen. Recommendations and invitations sought! [log in to unmask]

- Ashley Olson, director of the Cather Foundation, will come to Portland in late July/early August to speak about the life of Willa Cather and the influence of this novel 100 years later. Watch the website 'project news' for details on this and other events happening in honor of My Ántonia.

- I will be attending & giving a presentation on the Slow Read project at the Cather Foundation's Spring Conference ( 63rd annual Willa Cather Spring Conference). Perhaps I will meet some of you there!


63rd annual Willa Cather Spring Conference

Barb Tetenbaum

Barbara Tetenbaum

Professor and Dept. Head, Book + Print
Oregon College of Art and Craft
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