Just a reminder, the Falcon's Rest needs a new manager. I will not be able to continue. Please contact me if you would be willing to take this over.

It is not difficult to maintain during the war. The basics are:

1. A shelter. I will pass this on, or use your own. Even though it is set up in a shady area, this provides additional cooling and protection from rain.

2. Water. I have a 10 gallon Igloo-type cooler I will pass along. Figure on refilling the water once per day.

3. Ice. We have found that another Igloo-type cooler, 5 gallon, keeps the ice for a couple days.

4. Cooling neck wraps. I will pass these along as well.

5. Chairs. Four seems to be about the right number. I have bag chairs I can pass along for this.

6. Large battery powered fans. We had two. We did not have to change batteries during the war. http://a.co/iP4jvrB

It has always been well received and appreciated. Also, it has always been intended to be a franchise, that is, other groups and households doing their own versions across the site and, indeed, at foreign wars.

If you would like to take this over let me know by Kris Kinder so I can let the Lilies event stewards know whether the Rest will be present or not.

Non nobis solum

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