Greetings to the lists from Dorcas!

There are just TWO WEEKS left until the Calontir Heraldic Retreat!  It's up in Mason City, Iowa.

There is a page on the Calontiri wiki to help get the retreat information together in one place:

There is a Google form to indicate your interest in the retreat: forms/ 08Qz3c0Jdo3rz84g2

Remember, this is a retreat, not an official SCA event.  There is no site fee, other than a donation jar.  Garb is not required.  Consider carpooling if at all possible.  If you want to be assured of comfort during the day, bring your favorite portable chair.

Bring your own cots and sleeping gear for indoors.  Contact Sofya la Rus to reserve space in one of the sleeping rooms.  There is ample space to pitch a tent in the back yard.

While we might share food or snacks Friday, the real potluck action will happen Saturday, for dinner but also possibly lunch.  There are kitchen facilities and refrigeration.  Bring your own snacks and drinks.  If you plan to potluck Saturday (and graze on “pre-overs” or leftovers the rest of the weekend), please consider bringing something based on what region you are coming from, so there's not 20 desserts and no main dishes.  We won't turn away any potluck contributions, so don't feel totally constrained by this list.

Northeast - main dishes (the least distance to travel)
Southeast - bread and butter and cheese (possibly the greatest distance to travel)
Central - salads or fruit or veggies
Northwest - desserts
Southwest - drinks (also a great travel distance)

If you have questions, please contact me at dorcas_jean (at) yahoo (dot) com


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