Adobe offers a nice educator/student discount, which I used. I pay 
annually with the discount, and consider it very reasonable since I use 
it in business. I, too, am like Emily and don't like to update 
frequently and just 20 less things to think about :)

I have Sierra OS on my desk, and the High Sierra on the laptop... I 
wanted to wait to let them get the kinks out of High Sierra before I 
switched on my desktop.  But things are working fine.

Best cheer,
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615
On 9/22/18 5:40 AM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
> Hi Tricia,
> I have been paying the monthly fee for Creative Cloud for a few years 
> now. I like that I never have to think about or make a decision 
> regarding whether or not to upgrade my software—something I always 
> dreaded. I also like that I have access to Adobe Typekit, which offers 
> use of some nice fonts (at no extra charge), and that I have access to 
> other Adobe software beyond just Photoshop and Illustrator, some of 
> which I've actually used. ;)
> The downside is of course the monthly fee. As Ron said; it's just the 
> cost of doing business, and for me it's well worth it.
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> On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 8:56 PM Tricia Cassady 
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>     Hi All,
>     I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a subscription to
>     the Adobe Creative Cloud. I am embarrassed to say how old my Adobe
>     Suite is but let’s just say it is pretty old and now that I just
>     upgraded my MacBook I can’t get Illustrator to work - it just
>     freezes. :(
>     Please share your experiences with the subscription - I want
>     likes, dislikes, cost per month etc…
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