Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy, volume 6


“A Student-Centered Approach to Composing Popular Music in the Theory
Bruno Alcalde, University of Richmond

“The Analysis Paper as Academic Argument”
Damian Blättler, Rice University

“Part Writing Can Be Student Centered”
Timothy Chenette, Utah State University

“‘Calling Captain Scaffold!’ Interactive Handouts to Stimulate Student
Jennifer Shafer, University of Delaware

“Transcending the Pedagogical Patriarchy: Practical Suggestions for
Including Examples from Women Composers in the Music Theory Curriculum”
Cara Stroud, Michigan State University

“Testing the student’s ability to hear elements of sonata form without a
Jenine Brown, The Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University

“Some Reharmonization Techniques for Popular Music: Melodic Skeletons, the
Melodic-Harmonic Divorce, and Meta-Schemas”
Trevor de Clercq, Middle Tennessee State University

“Incorporating Model Composition and Improvisation into the Theory
Curriculum: Further Reflections on Benefits and Challenges”
Gilad Rabinovitch and Martin Norgaard, Georgia State University

“Making a Case for Freewriting in the Music Theory Classroom”
Jennifer Salamone, Oberlin Conservatory

“Using Gallery Walks for Engagement in the Music History Classroom”
Reba Wissner, Montclair State University

“Teaching with Timelines”
Brent Yorgason, Brigham Young University


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