Journal of the Alamire Foundation 10/1 - 2018

Cipriano de Rore II. Guest Editor: Jessie Ann Owens

Giuseppe Gerbino, ‘Bringing before the eyes’: De Rore, Enargeia, and the
Power of Visual Imagination

Alejandro Enrique Planchart, Cipriano de Rore’s Da le belle contrade: An
Ovidian Work and Precursor of the Seconda prattica

David Crook, The Sacred and the Secular in Post-Tridentine Church Music: De
Rore, Lasso, and the Magnificat Da le belle contrade

Jessie Ann Owens, Lasso’s Ritual Reading of De Rore’s Scarco di doglia

Free Papers

Alanna Ropchock Tierno, Birds, Vegetables, and Sharp Objects: Symbolism and
Polyphonic Masses from a Sixteenth-Century Lutheran Castle

Research and Performance Practice Forum

Peter van Tour, Improvised and Written Canons in Eighteenth-Century
Neapolitan Conservatories


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