A friend was recently startled to hear that you have to join Facebook to view the event pages put up on it.  It's not only that non-Facebookers are too stubborn to look at anything on it (though that's part of it); unless we join we CAN'T look at that type of event "website."  (Or do I have something weird about my browsers?)  Anybody who crosses over: please pass that on.

Regarding event websites: Wordpress is supposed to be easy to use, too.  I don't know what its privacy practices are, but it doesn't require viewers to join anything.  If  anybody knows anything about it (for, against, how) maybe they could consider writing an article for the "Falcon Banner."  Or anyone who knows about any other fairly-simple method of creating event websites.  If there are some and we can get that info disseminated, we'd be less likely to end up with people's non-Facebook event pages missing the info on feast, schedule, and competitions.


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