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The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, '12th Night Court Summary, January 5, A.S. 53'

In evening court:
Arn Haraldson – AoA
Sasha (dicta Lilith of Lonely Tower) – AoA
Krystyn I Lund – Torse
Hugo van Harlo – Silver Hammer

Other court tidings:
7 newcomers received mugs in court; another was given after court, by Her Majesty’s grace.
Meister Gawin Kappler addressed the populace about the upcoming Historic Combat Studies Symposium at Lilies War.
Lady Alexandra Rikve Jessen will be the new Kingdom Equestrian Marshal.
Master Alan Smyith of Darkdale will be the new Chair of the Lilies Committee.
Siora Zaneta Baseggio and Doña Alexandra Vazquez de Granada addressed the populace about the upcoming Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in July.

Presentation scene; detail of a miniature from BL Royal MS 15 E vi, f. 2v. 15th C. Public domain in the US

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