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Catalina: A Letter from Mistress Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh

Dearest Cristina,

As you know, I recently loaded my wagon and made the long trek south to the
southern borders of our fair Calontir. The journey started under cloudy
skies, and though cold, the wind did not bite.

I paused at the estate of your cousin, Mistress Gyđa
<>, the welcoming
baroness of our neighboring Barony of Mag Mor
<>. She and her
goddaughter, Emma Underfoot
<>, traveled much of
the journey with me.

As our journey continued south, the winds blew strong and the skies opened.
Soon the roads were deep in snow and our pace slowed. The wagon and horses
proved true, plodding along, though blanketed themselves.

Having a cover o’er our wagon is ever a blessing from the gods, as we
stayed warm and dry.

The snow continued for most of the rest of our over long journey, and our
relief proved great when snow turned to rain and we at last arrived at the
estates of the Baron and Baroness of Vatavia
<>. Sir Uldin
<> and Mistress
Sung <> welcomed us with
open arms, providing victuals and space for our bedding.

And finally the great day, impetus for my journey, arrived. The time had
come for good King Xerxes
<> and
kind Queen Belanna <>
to retire. The Coronation day of Their Heirs, Donngal
<> and Catalina
<>! The village
square, cold but dry, proved a glorious setting for the days festivities!

During the morning, Their Royal Majesties Xerxes
<> and
Belana <> held Their
last court, with tidings of joy! Good Mistress Ishmala
<>‘s apprentice,
the Honorable Lady Helena Soranzo
<> was inducted into
the Order of the Laurel
<>. Then room fell
silent as Their Graces said Their farewells to Their Household and stepped
away from the thrones, leaving behind the trappings of state. The heralds
then read out the Calontir lineage for all to hear.

Then up strode Brave Donngal
<> toward the
thrones! The guardians of our lands challenged him, and testaments were
heard by all attending, that He was indeed the rightful Heir to the
throne! It thrilled those gathered to see him step up and swear his oath to
the populace and set crown on brow.

When he called forth Fair Catalina
<> to stand by his
side, the Fyrdmen of Calontir marched in her wake, showing her strength not
only as an Artisan, but as a Leader of Warriors! As King Donngal placed the
crown on Her head, She also swore Her oath to the populace. And cheers rang
through the assembled.

The day was filled with food and greetings and laughter. Friends from
around the known world had come together. Stories shared, lessons taught,
and glasses raised.

In the evening, Their Majesties held court again in the square, recognizing
individual gentles for their skills in the arts and sciences.

An Emissary from the southern kingdom of Ansteorra arrived during court,
presenting gifts and asking for our aid. War is coming to Glenn Abhann!

King Donngal <> told
the assembly he had heard these rumors, and appointed His Excellency, Sir
Uldin <>, as his
General. Cries of war rang through the square!

Queen Catalina <>
will join Her Fyrdmen on the fields of battle! She called them forth to

As the Emissary departed to inform his own king, the crowd quieted, and
Mistress Dorcas <>
stepped forth with her protege, Johann
<>. They addressed
the populace and spoke of the need for heralds in the upcoming wars. If one
cannot fight, they can indeed still serve the kingdom by carrying words to
the populace. Then she turned to Their Majesties and begged a boon! The
Honorable Lord Johann is to be inducted into the Order of the Pelican

Amid cheers and cries of war and cries of congratulations, court concluded.
Tables were set up and the feasting commenced.

A glorious day!

And so now, my dearest friend, the sun has set and risen on a new day. We
will load our belongings and turn our wagons back to the northern
lands. The rider with whom I send this missive will arrive long before I
set foot on mine own estates.

I pray the day finds you warm and safe and dry. May your home fires
continue to warm your hearth and home until next we meet.

Nesscia <>
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