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Soup Kitchen Experiment


Küche mit Kachelofen, aus: Kuchenmaistrey, erstmals erschienen 1485 bei
Peter Wagner. V

Greetings unto My Glorious Kingdom,

As many of you know well, it brings Me great joy when we take services we
provide as a Kingdom and make them as close to historical practices as

In this spirit I have tasked Our Cook’s Guild
<> to take over one day
of Soup Kitchen at the upcoming Gulf Wars <>.

On this single day, the Cook’s Guild
<> will provide
provisions that would have been taken on pilgrimage or campaign.

I have requested that the menu for that One day will consist of* bone
broth, bread, butter, pickled items, meat, and cheeses.*

Please contact HL Ysabel de la Oya
[log in to unmask] if you would like to help in the process, or the
day of.

As soon as a date is determined for this experiment an announcement will be

Catalina <>, Malika
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