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The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'A Missive'

Dated this January the 26th 

Anno Societatis LIII
Being 2019 of the Common Era
My Dearest Cristina,
When last I wrote, as well you may remember, my missive brought words of war to our south.
Our Great King Donngal and Brave Queen Catalina summoned Their Warriors for council and training in the western lands, where our good neighbors, Mag Mor dwells.
My dear brother, William, stood resolute. He indeed wanted to train with the troops. The good marshals knew some of the hand signs needed to direct him. However, I swore to him an oath that where he traveled in service to our King, there also I would go to make the hand signs when needed for him to understand the spoken word.
To that end, I loaded my wagon and turned my thoughts and activities southwest.
In my absence, my poor husband must needs care for our estates and beasts in the frigid cold with only the old and infirm, who can no longer lift a sword and shield, to aid him.
In fair Mag Mor the warehouses were emptied. This unfriendly winter with its piercing winds cause numb fingers and injury enough. Space was found indoors so the soldiers could train and drill and practice without frostbite to multiply wounds.
The generals and masters and knights spoke of battle tactics and working together to form cohesive companies.
The veterans instructed and enlightened the recruits in the ways of battle. The ringing of sword on shield and cries of war filled the air.
Sadly, urgent responsibilities kept our King to the eastern boundaries of Calontir. Our Courageous Queen traveled hither with only Her Entourage to rouse the country to war.
She stood shoulder to shoulder with Her generals, Uldin and Giacomo, sword in hand. She encouraged and learned and strategized throughout, planning for the days ahead.
In the end, soldiers all, went singing off to the taverns and inns to talk of war and battles old and battles upcoming. They know their valiant deeds and prowess on the field shall indeed win them renown.
I know, dear friend, your heart lies with your people. Yet needs must take you across the seas to far shores. I will send this missive by swift wings to bring you these tidings. May my words find you well with the wind ever at your back.
Your friend with abiding fondness,
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