Greetings, Calontir, from Their Royal Majesties and Highnesses.

We understand that there is some bad weather that may make travel hazardous for some of our populace. 

 We considered the idea of postponing Coronation until next weekend, but have made the decision to go ahead with the current schedule.

Although some heavy snowfall remains in the forecast for parts of our Kingdom, the freezing rain that was expected this morning has not materialized. Also, temperatures are expected to remain fairly warm, and MODOT has been pretreating the highways since yesterday.

WITH THAT SAID, we want you all to be aware that while we love you all and would love to be able to share this moment with you, we ask all of you to do what is prudent for your and your families' safety.

To those of you who can make the drive safely, be careful, and we'll see you tomorrow! To those of you who cannot safely attend, know that while we will miss you, and will see you again soon.

In service to Calontir,

Xerxis, Belanna, Dongal, and Catalina

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