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Final business of Xerxis and Belanna:
Helena Soranzo – Laurel
Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Courtesy (announced at Toys for Tots)
Már í Miklagarði – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Ideals of the Society
Titus Decimius Alexander (Xandre) – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Chivalry
Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir – King’s Favor
Idonea de Clare – Court Baronage

Other court tidings:
Sir Anton von Hagenstein – citizen by treaty
Lady Alexandra Rikve Jessen – citizen by treaty

First court of Dongal and Catalina:
Lord Rashid al-Rais is the new Queen’s Champion.
Honorable Lord John Bowyer is the new King’s Champion.
Honorable Lady Ayisha bint Asad is the new Stile Champion.
Lord Shane Bax is the new Archery Champion.
Lady Elizabet Walker of Paisley is the new Equestrian Champion.
Brady of Oakheart is the new Youth Champion.
Duke Tristram of Lindesfarne – Thegn

Evening court:
Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis – Duchy
Bele Anna de Rugé – Duchy
Alis Kerwen – AoA
Eyfríðr Geirsdóttir – Leather Mallet
Korinna the Scythian – Golden Calon Swan
Angus Sinclaire of Glasgow – Leather Mallet

Other court tidings:
Gifts were exchanged with Her Sylvan Majesty Queen Anna Leigh.
Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis – Augmentation of Arms from Æthelmearc.
Bele Anna de Rugé – Augmentation of Arms from Æthelmearc.
5 newcomers received mugs.
Jarl Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne brought bribes, er, gifts for Calontir and Æthelmearc.
Sir Aiden O’Seaghdha is the new Earl Marshal.
Honorable Lord William Douglas presented the Royal Pound.
Sir Uldin of Ravenscroft and Lord Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato are the Gulf Wars generals.
A boon was begged for Johann Steinarsson to join the Order of the Pelican.

Edward II of England receiving his crown. 1307-27

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