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Hi friends,
I'm happy to announce a short-form, five page history research paper competition that will be happening at Lilies. Details below:


The SCA has come to cover a vast stretch of human history: all the years before the seventeenth century, all across the world. A wonderful myriad of cultures have thrived in that long time span, and the SCA gives us all opportunities to sample - or drink deeply - from the experiences and examples of these long-ago peoples.

Write a short research paper about a slice of history you find particularly enthralling. It could be a culture, an event, an individual, or a particular historical development.



• Keep your entries to roughly five pages or 2,500 words

• Include your sources in some manner (c'mon, half the fun of reading papers is chasing down new sources)!

• ENTRY DEADLINE: 11:59PM, Sunday May 26th
• Submit papers to Hugo van Harlo



• THE PRIZE: A Half-Price Books gift card will be awarded to two winners: one Mallet, Swan, or below, and another to a Laurel, Lily, or Hammer.

• JUDGING / FEEDBACK SESSION: Wednesday 1:00-3:00; Entrants will be contacted with a specific time slot, but everyone is welcome to come be history geeks together at this time.
Winners will be announced at court.

• LOCATION: Bull Woods' camp kitchen (across from the showers and Heralds' Point)


• JUDGES: Three awesome research-loving, history-geeking-out-on, paper-reading, friendly neighborhood Laurels:

› Mistress Jorunn Eydisardottir
› Master Rhodri ap Hywel
› Count Marius Lucian Fidelis

• SPONSOR: Hugo van Harlo


Yovr moſt hvmble ſervant,
Hvgo van Harlo

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