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I just published two new articles on my website, at The first, "Baroque Borrowings and Tonal Domains in Mozart's Piano Concerto in Bb, K. 450, I," adds borrowings from Handel and J.S Bach to those from J.C. Bach discovered by Ellwood Derr (1997) and shows how they help define the boundaries of the exposition's underlying prolongations. The second, "Schubert's 'Unfinished' Symphony: Dance Topics, Borrowings, and the Sense of an Ending," introduces new borrowings from Handel, J.S. Bach, and (with help from Tilden Russell) Mozart in the Andante con moto. One of the borrowings in particular, from the climactic closing pages of Bach's E minor Partita for Clavier, strongly implies that Schubert's narrative has come to a close.

Channan Willner
Music and Recorded Sound Division, NYPL
cwillner -at- 

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