Call for Chapter Submissions

Teaching Electronic Music (Routledge Modern Musicology in the College Classroom Series)

The field of electronic music is vast and dynamic, crossing disciplinary and geographical boundaries and calling for distinctive analytical methodologies. It therefore presents unique challenges to instructors of music history courses. This volume, to appear in the Routledge Modern Musicology in the College Classroom Series, will gather contributions from musicologists, ethnomusicologists, theorists, and composers to examine a diverse set of pedagogical issues connected to the field. Contributors should focus on music history teaching but may address any number of pedagogical settings, including general education courses, survey courses, and specialized seminars at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Of particular interest are analytical case studies and inquiry-based strategies for experimenting with sound synthesis, musical production, and creative modeling as a part of musicological study.

Potential thematic areas for contributions include the following:

1. Historiographical, aesthetic, and philosophical issues and debates, including questions of gender and access

2. Recent stylistic trends and emerging canons in a global context

3. Strategies for introducing electronic/digital musicking, including creative modeling

4. Technologies of production, mediation, and consumption

5. Analytical and descriptive strategies for electronic music

Proposals should include an abstract (approximately 300 words) and a short biographical note (100 words) and should be sent to the editor of the volume, Prof. Blake Stevens, teachingelectronicmusic -at-, by September 2, 2019. Submission deadline for accepted chapters (5,000–5,500 words) will be February 1, 2020. 

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