The following eight books were added to the AMS New Books in Musicology list in July 2019. See the listings at the AMS web site for links to more details.

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Marianna Ritchey, Composing Capital: Classical Music in the Neoliberal Era
University of Chicago Press, 2019. 224 pp. $90/$30. ISBN: 9780226640068. An AMS subvention book.

Caryl Clark and Sarah Day-O'Connell, eds., The Cambridge Haydn Encyclopedia
Cambridge University Press, 2019. 520 pp. $170. ISBN: 9781316422847.
Peter J. Schmelz, Alfred Schnittke's Concerto Grosso no. 1
Oxford University Press, 2019. 184 pp. $74/$16.95. ISBN: 9780190653712.
Roberto Illiano, ed., Twentieth-Century Music and Mathematics
Brepols, 2019. 416 pp. €110. ISBN: 9782503585703.
David Yearsley, Sex, Death, and Minuets: Anna Magdalena Bach and Her Musical Notebooks
University of Chicago Press, 2019. 336 pp. $45. ISBN: 9780226617701. An AMS subvention book.
Andrew Walkling, English Dramatick Opera, 1661–1706
Routledge, 2019. 344 pp. $160. ISBN: 9781138696549. An AMS subvention book.
Theodore Albrecht, ed. and transl., Beethoven’s Conversation Books, Volume 2: Nos. 9 to 16 (March 1820 to September 1820)
Boydell Press, 2019. 456 pp. $80. ISBN: 9781783271511.
Hector Berlioz, Mémoires d'Hector Berlioz de 1803 à 1865 et ses voyages en Italie, en Allemagne, en Russie et en Angleterre écrits par lui-même
Ed. Peter Bloom. J. Vrin, 2019. 920 pp. €49. ISBN: 978-2-7116-2865-0.

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