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On 3/31/20 8:34 AM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
> Hello fellow illustrators,
> I just heard this morning that Adobe is offering a 3-month credit to 
> its Creative Cloud subscribers due to the hardships many are facing on 
> account of COVID-19. In other words, you can continue your 
> subscription, having all access to your usual applications, but won't 
> have to pay for 3 months.
> I did this by logging into my account, and in the account Overview 
> page, under "Helpful Resources," I clicked on the 'contact Adobe' link 
> and opened an online chat.
> Someone else told me to type in "3 month account credit" but that 
> didn't work for me, so I tried "3 months free" and then it connected 
> me to a person who immediately offered the 3 months free.
> Then, the support person said: "I have added the 90 days to your 
> subscription. Your next billing date is 21 July 2020. You will not be 
> charged until then and you will have full access to the subscription. 
> You should receive an E-mail about this shortly."
> The e-mail I received said "We credited your account with 90 free days 
> of service."
> I hope this works for everyone else!
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