Muzyka, the only musicological quarterly in Poland, in now available online
(open access) at 

To find out more about the journal and its long history, please watch the
presentation video at , featuring members of
the editorial board (K. Berger, L. Hlávková) and the editors.

The latest issue (2020/2) features contributions in English and Polish
(including English abstracts):

A. Leszczyńska
Emanuel Wustisen, his Tablature and Links to Poland Lute Music with
Medicine in the Background

B. Przybyszewska-Jarmińska
Information from Augustinian Sources Concerning 17th-Century Musical Life
in Warsaw’s Church of St Martin as well as Royal Musicians from That Period
(in Polish)

J. Ágústsson
‘Il grosso pacco della musica’: The Galuppiana Consignments for August III
and Count Heinrich von Brühl in Warsaw, 1757–1761

J. Chachulski
Józef Elsner and Wojciech Pękalski’s 'The Echo in the Wood': A Late
Reverberation to Italian Intermezzi in the Repertoire of Warsaw’s National
Theatre? (in Polish)

D. Grabiec
The Ruthenian-Byzantine Scenes of the Mocking of Jesus at the Wiślica
Collegiate Church and the Holy Trinity Chapel at Lublin’s Royal Castle, in
the Light of Research and Interpretations to Date (in Polish)

P. Gancarczyk, K. Watkowski
The Gdańsk Version of the 15th-Century Polyphonic Song 'Ihesus Christus
nostra salus', and the Central European Connection of that Copy (in Polish)

G. Pirani
review article of Marcin Kromer, Musicae elementa (ed. and trans. E.
Witkowska-Zaremba and C. M. Bower)


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