Punk Scholars Network 7th Annual Conference and Post Graduate Symposium:
Global Punk
CFP deadline: September 30
Dates of Conference: December 12-19

Punk is a truly global phenomenon that manifests in many ways through
different scenes, political regimes, cultural contexts and individual
experiences. Increased globalisation, changes in connectivity and
technology, and shifts in both capitalism and populism have impacted punk
for better and worse. International and intranational punk scenes and
connections are growing and finding commonality and conflict through music,
education, mutual aid, performance, political activism and human
behaviours. The global Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the differences
people face accessing resources and how governments respond. How have, and
how will, various local punk scenes respond to this crisis, and what does
their response tell us about punk as a global phenomenon?

Punk Scholars Network events and conferences usually mix the conventionally
"scholarly" with the more informal or "organic" intellectualism which punks
often display. We therefore invite proposals of a non-standard type,
including films, performances, Q and As with punks or punk performers and
other creative mediums. In other words, you are welcomed and wanted to be a
part of this global conference so please don't worry if you've never set
foot in a university.
It is intended that this will be an online conference spanning eight days,
from December 12th until December 19th 2020 inclusive. Each region with a
PSN affiliate is responsible for programming one day.
The affiliates will put together a mixed programme for their day based on a
mixture of submissions and connections with local punk scenes. If you wish
to take part, please submit your proposal to the relevant affiliate, if
there is not one in your immediate geographical region then please submit
it to the affiliate that aligns with your time zone for ease of inclusion.
Proposals should be 350 words maximum (or equivalent, 3 minutes if a video
clip for example) and do not have to be in English, please feel that you
can use the language of your region if you wish.

For regional affiliates dates and submission guidelines, see website:


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