Hi Taina,

I save my final videos as mp4s, which cuts down on file size. I did a video presentation at the conference - resolution: 1220x686 / 20 minutes / 250 MB (with a soundtrack). 

One thing I would not recommend is to make one file for a 4 hour presentation. Break it into sections. You can always stitch them together in the end, but working with smaller files will speed your work. For example - when I’m working on a book, I work on each chapter separately… so I don’t have to move through hundreds of pages, only 30 or so. Also, I don’t know how well iMovie would handle a project as long as 4 hours.

There are good screen capture programs. I don’t recall the one I used to use (it’s not compatible with my current OS). I now use Camtasia - not cheap at $250, but reasonable if you have a lot of work to do. You can record and edit. You can add titling, animated annotations (like a circle being drawn around something you want to emphasize), you can show keystrokes, you can zoom in, there are transitions, etc. Expect a bit of a learning curve. I would contact them about an older version if you are interested. 

They also have a program called SNAGIT which is a screen recorder. I haven’t used it, so can’t comment. 

I haven’t worked with QuickTime lately. If you choose to stay with it, I would look at export options and experiment to see how you can reduce file size but keep reasonable quality. If you are working on a substantially older computer, I would check to make sure the final movie plays ok on a newer machine.

To upload from QuickTime to YouTube, there is a 15 minute limit. I see longer videos on YouTube, so I don’t know if this is a QuickTime limitation or what.

I hope that helps.


> On Oct 14, 2020, at 1:46 PM, Taina Litwak <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi all, I know several of our members have made process films, and I need advise.  I now know how to record a Photoshop session.  I have old OS, so have to use Quick time for it. No problem, but:
> I want to essentially record a full 4 hours (or so) process and then edit it some and eventually use it for teaching and run it at a faster speed, and talk live over it in a zoom workshop.  Hillary Wilson did this for a talk she gave during the AMI annual meeting Webinar series last month.  Her photoshop painting skills are breathtaking and it was amazing - and a very effective way to teach.  I made a c. 4 minute recording, and QT saved it as 800 MG, so 4 hours will be unmanageably huge. I did a re-save at 1080 ppi and it dropped to less than 400 MG, but still - seems too big.  The 2 lower quality file save options were too low res. to be useful.
> Any ideas how these are done?
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