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I am not familiar with the specific example, but the ICZN Code does not make provision to 'correct' errors of this kind in names that are already published. There are numerous examples, including famous species like the carrion beetle Necrodes surinamensis (from USA/ Canada) and the leaf beetle Chrysolina americana (from Europe), where the species name implies that the insect originates from a country where it in fact does not occur.  

The only thing you can do is point the error out in a future paper- but this will not change the scientific name, it will only make the correct information available for anyone who does serious research into the species' distribution. A 'corrected' name would only become an 'unjustified emendation' and would not replace the original name. 

Sorry this may not be good news

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Subject: Incorrect nomenclature
Dear ECN, I would be appreciated if you kindly help me with my question. An author has named a new species based on the "type locality". After studying that species and the mentioned coordinates in their article, I noticed that the collection site of the holotype was somewhere else (located in another province). Therefore, the species name is clearly mistakenly named and researchers will be confused about type locality in the future. Article 76 of ICZN provides a detailed explanation of how to write complete and correct information about type locality.I'll be happy to hear any advice you have, especially about which articles and recommendations of ICZN to read and then I refer to them. Since the species name is selected based on the place of collection, it may cause ambiguities. So I want to choose a replacement name for it based on some articles. Hope to hear from you all soon. Sincerely, Mostafa -- Mostafa Ghafouri Moghaddam, Ph.D. Graduated from Department of Plant Protection College of Agriculture, University of Zabol, Iran Alternative E-mail: [log in to unmask]