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The International Florence Price Festival invites proposals for its 2nd
Annual Festival, to take place August 20-23, 2021 virtually with some
content streaming from locations in the Washington, D.C. area including the
University of Maryland. Proposals on all aspects of Florence Price are

The theme of this year’s festival is A New Black Renaissance! PriceFest
welcomes proposals that seek to answer “How can artists, administrators,
and scholars envision the present moment as an opportunity for a black
musical renaissance?” A special emphasis will be placed on proposals that
draw together Price’s barrier-breaking legacy with the works of living
composers and arts leaders.

The Festival will accept proposals of diverse formats including the
following: educator spotlights (10-15 minutes), research or position papers
(20 minutes), lecture-recitals (30-45 minutes), recitals (15-60 minutes),
panel discussions (1 hour), and other original-format projects. We also
encourage proposals that include a combination of these formats.

The Festival encourages proposals to include a description of the ways in
which the proposed session would integrate with our Mission, Vision,
Values, and through which stated medium(s) of activity: performance,
scholarship, leadership, and advocacy.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone may submit a proposal as a group or as an individual.
We particularly encourage composers, chamber groups, emerging scholars,
solo performers, and arts professionals and stakeholders interested in
engaging in critical discourse (musical or otherwise) about race and gender
in our current American musical landscape as it relates to the theme of the
festival. In addition, local students in general, and University of
Maryland students in particular, are encouraged to submit a proposal.

ENTRY and SCOPE: For all presentation formats, a description not exceeding
350 words is required, as well as a biography. The description should
clearly represent the title, subject, and format of your presentation.
Educator Spotlights should focus their abstract on describing their
educational work and how it reflects the Mission, Vision, and Values of

Additional Instructions
Scholarly Sessions: we invite scholarly proposals that go beyond the
typical paper and engage with digital humanities or more interactive
presentation frameworks, especially when there is a valence for a general

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