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Thanks Eric, and I agree with Deb! The AFEE website has a section "New to Institutional Economics? Start Here" for which these podcasts would be ideal. In fact, Anne's American Economist article discussed in her podcast with Eric was a prime candidate for this site, but unfortunately copyright issues prevented us from using it.


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Thanks for this. Can we plug this podcast and out a link to it on the AFEE website?


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Good Morning

I wanted to let folks know about an institutional economics podcast we have started. It is called the legal economic nexus podcast hosted by Eric Scorsone and Sarah Klammer.  It will be monthly. Our first episode and trailer are up on all the major podcast sites such as Apple, Google, Sticher, etc...

Our first guest was Anne Mayhew to be followed by Mary Wrenn and Bill Waller. < > < >

Thank you


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