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Hi John:  I do not remember an Edwin Elliott.  You might check with Milton Lower ([log in to unmask]). 


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Subject: [AFEEMAIL] Dr. Edwin Elliott at TCU--anyone know more?


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Hi, all, I was at a university function the other day and got into a chance discussion with a long-time TCU donor whose father had been inspired by a former member of our department, Edwin A. Elliott. I told him that this Dr. Elliott had been lost to our departmental history and that I'd like to know more. We have since struck up a correspondence.


In the process, I have learned that Elliott was a Texas Institutionalist and that (so far as I can tell) he wrote his dissertation under Ayres. He also went on to work with the FDR government (National Labor Relations Board).


TCU has an archive that I plan to check out so no one please bother yourself with working to find any of the sort of details I'll find there, but I was curious if anyone here remembered him. Anne Mayhew, do you recall Edwin Elliott from your days in Austin?


I plan, incidentally, to do some sort of memorial in the department so this can be remembered. I was already thinking of doing this, but now I'm convinced that I have to do it given that he was an Institutionalist. We're overlooked enough as it is.






P.S. As I assemble materials, I'll share anything that I think you'll find interesting.




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