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Given I was born in the 1930s it is no surprise that I do not remember Edwin Elliott as a graduate student at UT. It is perhaps worth noting that the Southwest Social Science Association and Journal were very important places for Institutionalist discussion within Economics and across disciplines in the 1930s and 40s when travel and communication from Southwest to the rest of the country was slower and more expensive.  I think I will use the magic of JSTOR to find out what Elliott wrote all of those years ago. 

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Hi John,

I did a J-STOR search and found 8 "hits" for Edwin Elliott. Most of them were publications during the 1930s in the Southwestern Social Science Journal.


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Hi John:  I do not remember an Edwin Elliott.  You might check with Milton Lower ([log in to unmask]). 


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Hi, all, I was at a university function the other day and got into a chance discussion with a long-time TCU donor whose father had been inspired by a former member of our department, Edwin A. Elliott. I told him that this Dr. Elliott had been lost to our departmental history and that I'd like to know more. We have since struck up a correspondence.


In the process, I have learned that Elliott was a Texas Institutionalist and that (so far as I can tell) he wrote his dissertation under Ayres. He also went on to work with the FDR government (National Labor Relations Board).


TCU has an archive that I plan to check out so no one please bother yourself with working to find any of the sort of details I'll find there, but I was curious if anyone here remembered him. Anne Mayhew, do you recall Edwin Elliott from your days in Austin?


I plan, incidentally, to do some sort of memorial in the department so this can be remembered. I was already thinking of doing this, but now I'm convinced that I have to do it given that he was an Institutionalist. We're overlooked enough as it is.






P.S. As I assemble materials, I'll share anything that I think you'll find interesting.




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