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...and the heirs are? Or was that a separate court report?



On 10/11/2021 8:46 PM, Hugo van Harlo wrote:
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> 🌟 Ave, Calontir! 🌟
> Rejoice with me in the reading of the following awards granted by 
> their Majesties upon the occasion of Their Crown Tournament this past 
> Saturday, October 9th, 2022:
> ❧ Lyra of Spinning Winds, her Award of Arms
> ❧ Cecily Abbott, her Award of Arms
> ❧ Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus, Iren Fyrd
> ❧ Joka in Raudi, Golden Calon Swan
> ❧ Yseult De Michel, Leather Mallet
> ❧ Tove of Vatavia, her Award of Arms
> Yet! There were more worthy individuals due proper recognition and 
> renown, so much so that three Orders made their will known in asking 
> Their Majesties to bestow Grants of Arms to the following:
> ❧ Conall Busoll, Iren Hirth
> ❧ Anna Plantyn, Calon Cross
> ❧ Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato, Stile Hirth
> Note as well these following awards, regrettably given in absentia due 
> to the strange duration of our present plague and the accompanying 
> length of Their Majesties' reign. With Their Heirs found, Their time 
> on the falcon thrones grows short, and it was deemed unfair to force 
> these good gentles to wait any further:
> ❧ Matthais Worcestershire, his Award of Arms
> ❧ Worgan Madoc 9-Fingers, Leather Mallet
> ❧ Visvamitra Yavana, Leather Mallet
> Servus humillimus,
> (Ik blijven uw nederige dienaar.)
> Hugonis Harlonii dominus
> Herald of The Imperatores
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