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...and the heirs are? Or was that a separate court report?



On 10/11/2021 8:46 PM, Hugo van Harlo wrote:
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🌟 Ave, Calontir! 🌟
Rejoice with me in the reading of the following awards granted by their Majesties upon the occasion of Their Crown Tournament this past Saturday, October 9th, 2022:
❧ Lyra of Spinning Winds, her Award of Arms
❧ Cecily Abbott, her Award of Arms
❧ Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus, Iren Fyrd
❧ Joka in Raudi, Golden Calon Swan
❧ Yseult De Michel, Leather Mallet
❧ Tove of Vatavia, her Award of Arms
Yet! There were more worthy individuals due proper recognition and renown, so much so that three Orders made their will known in asking Their Majesties to bestow Grants of Arms to the following:
❧ Conall Busoll, Iren Hirth
❧ Anna Plantyn, Calon Cross
❧ Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato, Stile Hirth
Note as well these following awards, regrettably given in absentia due to the strange duration of our present plague and the accompanying length of Their Majesties' reign. With Their Heirs found, Their time on the falcon thrones grows short, and it was deemed unfair to force these good gentles to wait any further:
❧ Matthais Worcestershire, his Award of Arms
❧ Worgan Madoc 9-Fingers, Leather Mallet
❧ Visvamitra Yavana, Leather Mallet
Servus humillimus,
(Ik blijven uw nederige dienaar.)
Hugonis Harlonii dominus
Herald of The Imperatores

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