Did you know that UNL has some resources on the Canvas Commons for you to get content from? The content ranges from assignment setups to student help pages. You can import them to your courses as a starting point for your own tailored materials for your courses. For example, you can get a module overview page (https://lor.instructure.com/resources/a281db1c7aa24563b8670f8a652648ae?shared) or a tabbed content page (https://lor.instructure.com/resources/9837cb6acba341ebb257b7c41ea325f1?shared).


To get started on exploring the commons, check out Canvas’ directions on Canvas Commons. Try selecting the “template” filter in combination with searching for “University of Nebraska-Lincoln” -- https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Commons/How-do-I-use-Commons/ta-p/1795


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