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this is what I wrote to Kathy Bush on Friday when she had informed me. Sorry, a bit (too) personal. But just thought I share with you.


Wolfram Elsner.



Dear Kathy,


I remember everything very well, from Dale's first visit in Germany and Bielefeld, and that you were with him travelling Germany (on behalf of AFEE), back in 1983, I believe. You studied German in Germany. It followed that I could travel the US in 1986 for 6 weeks, and Dale passed me over to Marc Tool in Sacramento, to E.K. Hunt in Salt Lake City, to Greg Hayden in Lincoln and to Ann Mayhew and Terry Neale in Knoxville. I have been so grateful all my life for his efforts of introducing me to US-heterodox economics, institutionalism and academia in general. My first English paper was so terrible in terms of language, and he put so much time and effort into it to make it publishable (in the JEI). 


In the last months I have often thought of Dale wondering how he might do … I remember so many situations with him and Barbara in Fresno, at conferences ... Once he was AFEE’s “President Bush and his wife Barbara”, while there was a Bush and his wife Barbara in federal government as well.


Was he still in his house in Fresno or did he live with you (in Denver or Boulder, I believe)?


I always felt like a kind of his son, professionally at least, he was the most important (and more than professional) person for me, perhaps more than my supervisor (and later good friend) in Bielefeld.


I am so sad, and send you my deepest sympathy. Thinking of Dale in silence.


My very best wishes for you.


Yours, Wolfram.



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Randy covered my thoughts about Dale.  I would only add that he left an amazing contribution to institutional economic research.   And if non-institutionalists would pay attention, he made an important contribution to economic theory in general.  And doing all this as a supporter of others.  




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Thanks for your remembrance, James. Dale was the nicest, brightest, most supportive and always upbeat and jovial mentor for many of us.


L. Randall Wray

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I am not surprised that my old and very dear friend Dale Bush has left this world after a long life well-lived. I am still surprised at his growing legacy.  The constant references to his work, year after year, issue after issue of the JEI attest to his great insights and theoretical acumen.


I had the great honor to work side by side with Dale for as long a period of time as anybody, decade after decade, while I was a professor with the California State University system. Dale never got the recognition he deserved from that system because he served, informally, as a legal advisor in case after case wherein faculty were summarily dismissed for no reason except that they were critical faculty and easy targets for a vicious controlling administration.


Dale was a noted teacher.  He found a great number of promising students who he helped move on to law school, but also to economics graduate programs.  Undergraduate students, whether they liked him or not, were in awe of his prowess.  His unlimited grasp of mainstream economics always impressed.  His critiques of neoclassical economics were always devastating.


He was the greatest gentleman, always polite and contained. Dale was the model colleague. 


I knew Dale was an all-around talented person, but | never fully appreciated the depth of his thinking for many years as his work very slowly began to be published. (He agonized over nearly every word--and it shows in the tight mastery of his texts) Maybe I still have not fully grasped how far ahead he moved on the themes that moved him.


James Cypher

Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas  


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I am sorry to be the bearer of sad news. I know Paul Dale Bush was a well-respected member of AFEE. We will miss him.

Rest in Peace

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I found your name listed as the AFEE President in my dad’s papers. It is with profound sadness that I inform AFEE of the death of my dad, Paul Dale Bush, on July 14. AFEE and institutional thought were his passions.

Katherine Bush
Boulder, Colorado

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