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American Musicological Society Ludomusicology Study Group

Dates: deadline 9/1; presenters notified 10/1; conference 1/28

Co-Op Scholarship: Collaboration in Music, Games, and Play

Acts of play, gaming, and music often rely on some degree of collaboration,
such as between players, between players and technology, or between game
designers. Scholarship in these areas also rely on collaboration in the
form of citations, interviews, edited collections, and multi-author papers.
The Ludomusicology Study Group of the American Musicological Society is
pleased to announce a one-day virtual conference on the theme of
“collaboration” on January 28, 2023. We welcome proposals considering
collaboration in the context of gaming and music both in the form of
single-author papers, but also multi-author collaborations (including
co-authored papers, panel sessions, roundtables, workshops, etc.), music
videos, compositions, and performances. Other formats suited to a virtual
conference are also welcome! The theme of collaboration is not limited to
scholarship but can be included through structure and differing formats
(e.g., creating a board game, scholarship “game jam,” or experiences on
collaborative efforts within and outside of academia). We would like to
encourage studies and ways of thinking that include music and play. All
facets of ludomusicology are welcomed including: video game music, stand
tunes, music for/in D&D, music and play in the classroom, and any other
subject that connects music and playful collaboration.

Please submit a proposal to by 11:59pm
(Eastern) on September 1. Presenters will be notified of decisions by
October 1. We especially encourage proposals drawing on a diverse array of
scholars, writers, and thinkers.
Proposals should be between 200-300 words, a short bibliography of 3-5
sources, an explanation of your intended format (especially if you would
like to suggest an alternative to a 20 minute presentation), and a short
list of anything else you feel would be relevant (e.g., time zone,
interpreter, etc.).

The papers accepted for this event will also be included in a Special Issue
proposal for potential publication in the *Journal of Sound and Music in
Games <;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!FkTIxJrBeO-AhbZtbcARE-rPKzMW4vyHNX5GdB9X8Uc2rQntUF2sicfK4kY2O4iSM4CqwzsUvBLr2Tz_Rt0kCg$  >*.


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