I've used a scuba tank for air brushing for about ten
years now and have been really happy with it. It was
a cheap alternative for me at the time since I already
owned the scuba tank. The regulator to regulate the
air pressure down to what the brush can handle cost
less than $40 at the time.

I'll check at home this weedend for specifics on the
regulator. I think I got it at a mining shop. Or was it
welding? I'll check on it. If you don't get alot of
answers on this, I'll let you know what I found on
Monday. I think this is a great source of air. It's really
quiet. Only drawback is that you have to keep refilling
the tank, but for the amount I do I can go eight months
to a year between fills.

Hey, PS. If anyone gets this would you let me know?
I seem to be email impaired.

Linda Heath Clark
Environmental Research Scientist/Biological
Scientific Illustrator
California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
Sacramento, CA
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