Hey Ya'all (that's for Polly)
To answer the question on why one gets gobs of messages all at once from
SciArt after days of nothing..... I talked to our person here in charge of
the lists and he said the reason is because....

Once a message is posted to the list, the server here immediately starts to
send those out. If they go through to you all completely on the first try,
you get the message right away. If the server sends them out and they are
undeliverable for some reason along the way (either a router or server
somewhere between the University of Nebraska and your individual computer)
is down, the server here continues to try to send the message many times a
day for many days until at last it gets through to you. If it never gets
through, it alerts the people here that the message is totally undeliverable
so then we would know you aren't getting the mail. This process is
apparently set up to try to get to your computer for weeks.  So if this is
happening to you, it means there is something down or not working right
along the way from here at UNL to you somewhere...but eventually you should
get the messages. And basically we only have control over the servers here
at UNL. Once it goes to the routers and such, it is that black hole
somewhere till it shows up on your computer. Hope this helps explain the
WHYS of all of this. Any more questions, please let me know. I will somehow
find out the answers as I learn how all of this works. I am also doing 2
other listservs for classes I am offering so I am really learning this stuff
fast! YIKES.
Lana Johnson
Graphics Specialist
CIT, Visuals and Multimedia
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68583-0918
(402) 472-3025