Britt, Rosemary and Clara, thanks for your interest.

Actually, I am scanning a lot of line drawings for a  book, some are mine,
some aren't.  Some were drawn on Bristol paper, some on acetate or a kind
of paper like the one architects use (I don't know the english name for it,
but it's tricky to scan it), some are photocopies... Some of them have very
thin, weak lines and/or stipples, that get easily lost during the scanning
process, especially if the paper doesn't make a good contrast . I've been
experimenting and I think the results are better now, but I still want to
learn about the  way  to treat such difficult originals right from  the
scanning process.  I use a Sharp JX-330 scanner and I'm looking for its web
site. I will also  try to get the book.

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