> Christina L. Jordan wrote:
> > Last question: I need to purchase a good, crisp 20" (or so) monitor
> to go
> > with the Windows machine (but could also be paired with the Power
> Mac
> > 8100). I'm MOST concerned about whether it really appears sharp to
> the user
> > across the whole screen. I currently have a Sony Trinitron that, in
> my
> > opinion, is better than the equivalent Apple monitor. However, I
> wonder if
> > anyone has experience with any other brand whose clarity and
> crispness they
> > would recommend?

The Nanao 20" (non-triniton) monitor is the sharpest of all, corner to
corner.  Nanao monitors work equally well with Macs, PC's Sun
Workstations, etc.  Sony Trinitons are bright and have highly-saturated
color, but at the expense of sharpness.