>>Yes, Emil, Paul is right, so just shoot yourself, you too, Frank.  Or take
Paul's approach and output that thing through the window.<<

No reason for bullets here, Clara <g>. My Windows NT system is the most
stable platform I've ever worked on. Period. Of course, if I was working on
a 6 year old operating system (DOS 4.0), things might be different. Back
then there was a REAL reason to consider MAC over Windows. Things are very
different now.

>I think the Mac platform will remain the most intuitive
and artist- friendly environment for some years to come.<<

Hi Michael,

Working with both MAC & PC, I have to disagree. Apparently so does Apple.
Many of the newest features found in System 8 and announced for the next
big O/S are borrowed directly from Windows NT. No problem, Windows borrowed
from MAC last time around. And MAC from Windows before that. Contrary to
what we believe about ourselves, I think we artists ARE creatures of habit.
We learn something and then any other approach seems *less intuitive*.
Since I learned both O/S's the same year, I think I can give a subjective
evaluation. And I find I am able to find my way around the new Windows much
more *intuitively* than on the MAC. Of course postscript issue are not
going away for PC anytime soon. And if you want to explore digital video-
go MAC for sure. But PC has become the O/S of choice for me when working
with raster images, digital audio, and 3D apps.

That being said, I'm all for all you guys buying apple. If MAC folds (and
it really might) it'll be a much worse situation for all desktops. We need
a little bit of competition to keep things interesting. So buy MAC. I
however will be investing to expand my NT setup. To each his own <g>.



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