>Dear Alejandro,
>     One program you should definitely look into for graduate work in
>scientific illustration is the Science Communication program (specifically
>the illustration portion) at the University of Santa Cruz.  I believe
>Rhode Island School of Design has graduate courses in the subject,
>though it's been a while since I've read about it.  There is a pamphlet
>put out by the Guild that covers courses and programs in scientific
>illustration that could give you alot more details.  I think you can
>find an order form on a past newsletter issue.  Hope this helps.
>                                               Sincerely,
>                                                  Alison Schroeer

This is what I would have said!  The Santa Cruz Program is the best known
one but there are several others.  I do not know them by name.  The Guild
Booklet has all that.  May be when we get a web site going we can put it
all out there and not have to charge for the cost of printing a book
anymore.  But that is still a ways off.


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