Clara Wrote:

>>>well, I tried your suggestion, Britt about using an EPS image.  I wasn't
>>>sure whether to choose <Parsed> or <Placed>, so I chose the latter.  The
>>>image actually printed more crudely than the TIFF without any detectable
>>>improvement in color.

>>I'm very sorry to hear that.  It sounds like the file is only printing a
>>preview now.  Did you try The Parsed option?

>----you know, I tried to do that but the next time I said Place, that
>dialogue box that asks you to choose Placed or Parsed never came up and I
>couldn't figure out how to get it.

 You won't get the Placed option unless you are working with An EPS file.

>>While the New Illustrator could be compared to Quark, I would say Quark is
>>an Industry Standary for Print work, it handles color very well.

>-----I know.  These images will all end up in Quark.  You know how each
>application we use has different ways of <thinking>, well I'm just glad
>Illustrator will now have these <windows> to linked files.  Because I've
>gotten used to thinking that way.

I think you are still under a miss-impression, Illustrator 7 does not
handle image files much differently than Illustrator 6.  EPS files have
always been linked in the "Place" fashion, and resizing an image is the
same as it has always been, not like Quark at all.  I think when I say
Illustrator could be compared to Quark, it would be a poor comparison.
Illustrator is not a page layout package, and really does not behave like
one, But you can lay A singe page out in it.  Its behavior is not radically
different than Illustrator 6, except they change all the keyboard short
cuts and messed up the choosing of colors.  I would wait for Illustrator 8
before spending my own money on this product.  They made 7 cross platform
with PCs (they got a radical upgrade of features on the PC Side) but the
Mac Side is "HoHum" upgrade wise, and frankly less intuitive to use than

>Is there a cheaper but equally good color alternative to an IRIS?

If you can find a service that offers color calibrated output off of any of
the Tektronix printers, or a Dye Sublimation print that is set to proof
like a press, these would work OK for checking color.  Call some of the
PrePress service companies and see what they can offer.  Though I
understand a lot of printers are integrating the PrePress work back into
their own shops. That is making it harder for PrePress houses to survive.


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