Dear Sci-arters:

Wacom sells both serial and electrostatic drawing pads.  One salesperson
told me that the later is better for accurate tracing.  Is this true and
how big a difference does this make for professional biological
illustration?  I thought I was finally ready to commit when I finally
caught on to the fact that these two pad types probably accounted for some
of the large price discrepancies I have been quoted.

Also I talked to Wacom last week about the new pads which allow you to
actually see what you are drawing on the pad itself, it costs more than
$2,000 for a small pad, the only size available.  A salesperson was
supposed to get back to me but I missed him and lost his number, I am
trying to get some idea on how much longer Wacom expects to make it's
current pads.  It seems inevitable that this new technology will become the
standard.  This may cause me to buy a different size or type of pad for the
present. I was hoping one of you had some inside information on this

Your patience on these questions is appreciated, the funds and thus the
project got delayed (again)and that's given me more time to worry it over.