I have heard these questions come up again and again, and I don't know if
there are any good answers. I have no special insurance myself, but I have
heard it said that your work would be more insured if it sat in your car
than if it were stored in your house!


>Does anyone carry business or commercial insurance to cover their home
>studio? This topic came up at the Santa Cruz meeting during Marc Paisin's
>talk - I remember that a couple of people said they had it. Does anyone know
>where to get this type of insurance? My Allstate agent said that they don't
>supply this sort of insurance as it a specialized item. Also, that a rider
>attached to my policy would only cover up to $10,000 (and be costly) and
>with original artwork stored at home that was an issue as to how much of it
>would be covered.
>Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated!
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