Hi Everyone,

I just bought an Epson Stylus Color 800 for my PowerMac 9600, connected it,
installed the software, etc. The printer icon didn't appear in the Chooser.
According to the Toubleshooting section in the manual, this was because of
an extension conflict. The instructions said to disable Quick Draw GX in the
Extensions Manager and make sure that Epson Monitor 2 and Epson Stylus Color
are enabled. I did that. The printer does work and it does print.

The problem: when I start up the computer I get a message saying: "The
installed substitution fonts are designed for use with Quick Draw GX. Please
remove them and install the Standard Quick Draw versions."

Question: how to I remove the ones I have and where do I get the "standard"
versions? Surely someone out there has already gone through this (I hope)???

Thank you -

Lynette Cook
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