>And above all, what about haggis neaps and tatties for tea. I would do
>anything for a plateful right now, not just because of what they taste
>like but for the emotions and images they invoke in me. Once I have had
>them I want to become world curling champion, throw the caber, walk the
>Royal Mile and hold my kilt above my head. This is thinking, this is
>human experience motivating future outcomes. This is the Bram Stoker
>I gave my computer a haggis and it threw up!
>As for the soul, lets not get into that one or we will be here for ever.
>One thing I know above all else. Computers have no souls. Just at the
>moment you say to yourself "Please don't crash now" They do.
>Food for thought, hey?
>Emil, do you know what "goolies", "tatties", and "haggis neaps" are?

ok, Cindy.  I do know what haggis is, though I don't think I have ever
tasted it, but what about the rest??

Pretty fun interchange.  That whole part about putting 2 unrelated things
together--isn't that what we call creativity??  My issue is that computers
think only sequentially, whereas humans, perhaps great apes in general,
have other ways of thinking--like visually.

Clara R, Simpson
Zoology Dept. Illustrator
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