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To: Science.Enthusiast
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Subject: New episode of FRONTIERS airs 2/18!

Dear Science Enthusiast,

When you play a glass harmonica, do ghosts appear? When a sculpture is
restored, who speaks for the sculptor? When a computer creates a painting,
is it art? When a digital actor speaks, who's doing the acting?

Find out the answers to these questions and more on the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN
FRONTIERS special, "The Art of Science," airing Wednesday, February 18 at 8
p.m. ET on PBS (please check your local listings to confirm date and time in
your area). Take a journey with host Alan Alda to the places where music,
painting, sculpture, and other arts meet modern technology. Sponsored by the
GTE Corporation, FRONTIERS is all about answers to intriguing questions
scientists at the forefront of discovery are asking!

Before and after every episode of FRONTIERS, be sure to visit our Web site
on PBS Online (, where you'll find an array of great
features, including:

** cool science activities for students!
** opinion polls, contests, surveys...and the chance to win prizes!
** opportunities to ask Alan or the scientists questions!
** links to related sites and resources!
** photos of Alan on location!
** a teaching guide for classroom use!

Educators -- have you used the FRONTIERS Web site in your classroom? If so,
we'd like to hear about it! Please share your experiences with us by calling
800-315-5010 or by writing to [log in to unmask] Also, please check out our
teaching guide for "The Art of Science," which includes background
information, hands-on activities, and other resources for using FRONTIERS in
your science classes.

We hope you'll tune in to FRONTIERS on the 18th!

Melissa Amour
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