I could not agree more, Frank, that many of our days are fraught with
pressure and framed by solitude. (I like that phrase.) I also completely
favor humor and chat as teh absolute best antidote to this insanity.
But, I do not think that was Terri's point. I think that many of the
messages are simply directed to one particular person and have little or
no content that is of interest to the group. This represents the feeling
of a number of subscribers, who have unsubscribed, and is meant as a
polite reminder, I think. Information age or no information age, we are
the creators of it, aren't we? It does not necessarily help my solitude
to have more extraneous information to wade through. I think this list
is a model of good casual exchanges among peers and I log on every day
to keep connected. But I think Terri's point is well taken as a reminder
to use courtesy on the network and distinguish between group and
individual conversation.

BTW, frank, why don'y you publish a list of computer code words that
many of us don't seem to know. I'm having trouble enough learning
spanish right now. Also, I don't know how to filter email subjects. Can
you do that in Netscape?

My 2 cents.

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