>Dreamweaver is incredible... it writes clean code and runs very smoothly.
However, the manual is awful. And it is not a very intuitive program, aside
from being more expensive. I bought 3rd party manual to help me over the

What book did you track down Karen? An incredible software with bad manual
is certainly doable if there are off the shelf manuals to be found.

BTW E-media Weekly mentions today that dreamweaver 2 is to be released this
week. Sounds like the preview capabilities and search and replace features
make it worthwhile. Of course, I suppose this will make whatever manual
Karen recommends outdated. So what's new.

FYI Other industry news: Photoshop has released a hot fix for PS 5. Version
5.052 (MAC/PC) fixes the color space problems among others and can be
downloaded from the Adobe website. Also (while I'm at it) Syquest has
officially biten the dust. They have let go of almost their entire work
force. But they claim to be planning to continue some sort of tech support.