>If you do decide to go medical MA in illustration, the program at
>University of Illinois at Chicago was the jumping off point for one of the
>illustrators at Chicago Botanic Garden.

While scouting salary surveys for science illlustrators, I found survey
results that showed artists with a masters averaging 45K in the
northeast and much of the southeast.....midwest and westcoastal
areas averaged much lower....around 26-33K.  Also, interestingly,
some surveys showed technical college grads making as much or
more than those with Phd's...... I guess one has to weigh how much
a degree will bring to you in the long run.....In this profession, is it
really worth the expense to go for advanced degrees?  I will be a
lifelong student, but not because it will necessarily bring in more
income or enough extra to justify the expense....which I seriously
doubt it will.  I just enjoy the learning process.

Also, some of the surveys listed the 'male' and 'female' salaries for
the exact same postition......Women were getting paid almost 15-20%
less across the board.  Quite shocking to see it right there in bold

Then again, survey info can be flakey.......