>This is not correct behavior.  This does sound like it might be a PS file
>from a science (UNIX) workstation.  They seem to have different convensions
>than us.  I don't know of any settings in Acrobat distiller that might
>control that behavior, but you might poke around in there.
>Britt Griswold/MAP Project


I think you may have misunderstood... when I created the postscript file, I
CHOSE flip horizontal and invert as the file was going to a press where
they would make negatives (film?).  I wanted to use Acrobat to view the
file to make sure nothing got changed in the process of making the
postscript.  So, I distilled the postscript into a PDF, and as I say, I can
indeed view it in Reader, but only exactly as it would be transferred to
the Linotronic where the negatives would be made.
So the question is, is there a way of viewing it on my screen as a
positive, or would the easiest be to just print it out, choosing flip
horz., invert in my page setup.

Maybe my lingo is off ... whatever,

Willow Zuchowski
Monteverde, Costa Rica