Hi, hope I am not too offline with asking for hints on how to get
started as Medical Illustrator in the USA.  I have the unconditional
Green Card and experience as Medical, Forensic and Biological
Illustrator, I would like to either freelance or employed (or both).  In
Austria this field has almost no market, I must do other jobs like
creating websites and webpages for the travel industry, etc, and do
messenger chores for a travel agency which pays $20 for a 6 hour tour.
Earlier I was employed at the University of Vienna Medical School as
their only Medical Illustrator, but I quit the job because of my first
husband who wanted me at home.  After divorce I migrated to
USA/California where I worked mainly in hospitals duing only
occassionally illustrator jobs.  Then I moved to Alaska working some as
freelance Biological Illustrator for $60 per hour and had to return to
Austria because of personal reasons.  Right now I am preparing my
Alaskan Wildlife Art Series to put on the market in Spring, but would
like to work in my field of Medical and Forensic Illustration again,
too.  I would be grateful for any help or suggestions.  Thanks.

A fellow artist,
Elisabeth Frauendorfer