Dear Arena,

It's so inspiring to see your work and know that there are other "mad
sketchers" out there.  I want to get more adept at posting things on my website
so I can do it too.  I hope others follow your example as well, it would be
really fun to surf from sketch to sketch!  For years now I have carried a small
to medium size sketch pad with me (usually hardcover spiral bound with hot
press watercolor or a heavy weight smooth paper, a little more expensive but, I
find you never know when some little nothing takes off to be a big something!)
and a few micron pens (thanks to Frank Ippolito's workshop in Maine a few years
ago I am now a devotee of sketching in ink).  When I started the rule was draw
any where, any time. I actually find it's kind of meditative and clears my head
and I get lots more ideas and solutions because I guess my mind relaxes and I'm
not there fussy and fretting, which has benefits all its own.  I drawn in line,
on trains, waiting for clients, etc. etc....met some great folks over drawings
and given a few away, drawings which didn't seem that great to me be really
made someone's day-that's a real gift when that happens.  Also, because I jot
down notes, ideas, directions, phone numbers, these pads end up becoming a kind
of diary/journal, I'm not one for noting intimate thoughts but, I do believe it
has alot of merit and looking back over these books I can sort of trace my
thought patterns and skill development.  The other thing I became really fond
of doing was working on composition and calligraphy and "building" complete
sketch pages over time.  It's become kind of a visual game with me and I like
to see how I can push and pull the composition and my own sketches to become a
cohesive whole on the page.
Lately (the past year), I haven't been as good about sketching as I was in the
past, I find when I have a free moment I like to play with my little boy but,
last month I bought the "diaper bag sketch pad" which is a good sign that I'm
on my way again!

Keep it up!
Great Work!

Very Truly Yours,
Mary Ellen Didion
Media Art & Design Studio
Baltimore, MD (Farewell to The Iron Man <sniff!>)

arena wrote:

> I'm into sketching and then scanning the sketch and emailing it to you guys.
> This is the guy across from me on my way back from Seybold and the
> MOMA tonight.
> (ballpoint pen on glossy magazine stock)
> Goodnight,
> Arena