RE: Power Point question
Hi Hannah,

When I prepare my own images for PPT, I use 144 ppi and I find that it works very well. My experience has been that 72 ppi should work in theory, and it looks fine on the screen when I'm putting the show together, but when it's projected it doesn't look as clear as 144 ppi.

When using web images, I first take them into Photoshop and sample them up to 144, then use the "unsharp mask" on them a few times (75% to 100%, at a radius of 1.0 to 1.5 pixels, using the preview to make sure I don't overdo it) if I feel the images need it.

Hope this helps!

Hi everyone,

 I am putting together a series of PowerPoint slides to accompany a talk I'm giving. I've never done this before, and I am wondering as I scan images if there is an ideal dpi and format (jpeg, tiff...) that maximizes the sharpness of the image when projected. So far I'm doing 150 dpi, high quality (low compression) jpegs. A friend is going to let me use a projector to try them out, but I thought the wisdom of the list might save me lots of trial and error! Also, I want to use some images off the web.  Is there any chance they will be sharp enough to project?


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